We forgot just how beautiful….

Yesterday, we left Prickly Bay and set sail for Carriacou, 35nm north. It was a magical sail and we forgot just how beautiful it is when the engines are turned off and we’re under full sail doing 7-8 knots on a glorious day. Happiness is!

I know many friends and family are saying is this the same woman who used to get violently ill on Sancha and swore black and blue that Mal should never let her go sailing ever again! But, I’ve always said, it’s a bit like childbirth, you forget how bad it actually was! Anyway, lucky me I don’t need any seasickness drugs and I’m loving the sailing 🙂 As an example, yesterday, I lazed on the trampoline whilst we were scooting along, enjoying the occasional spray as we pushed through the water.

We arrived in Tyrrell Bay, Carriacou, six hours later and had a relaxed afternoon swimming and reading. We were fascinated by the Flying Gurnard fish we saw on the bottom. They seem to dig in the sand with front fins and use their larger trailing pectorals to glide through the water. Until we get our underwater camera, here is an internet image of the little critters.

flying gurnardWe love Tyrrell Bay and forget just how beautiful it is; peaceful and clean. S/v Banyan pulled in shortly after we’d arrived, following their mini-vacation at Mustique, and we enjoyed an evening learning the card game Wizard. Mal & I had never heard of Wizard before but, coincidentally on our last visit to Carriacou, Alex & Dave from Banyan and Dalynn & Glenn from Amoray gave us a quick lesson. Well, to be honest, I got the lesson and Alex received advice from Mal about how to play. Interesting given it’s a Canadian card game, they are all Canadians and Mal didn’t have a clue! Last night was a hoot and we are now Wizard converts! Apparently I might be a challenger to Sunny Abercrombie for the title of Wizard Queen! Watch out Sunny.


Our main reason for the trip up here is for the Carriacou Hash on Saturday which will start and finish in Hillsborough. So, we decided to spend one night in Tyrrell Bay, one night at Sandy Island and the remainder anchored off Hillsborough until we go back to Grenada early next week. So this morning we raised the anchor and motored around the corner to Sandy Is. Our track yesterday and today is recorded on Spot Messenger for those interested. The password is josie: https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=1dUvVA6GlAfnqNCoZfqrbXihlqshN4YGm

The last time we stopped at Sandy Is we were aboard Bruce & Gina’s Leopard, Wyuna, back in 2011. We forgot just how beautiful this little sand-spit is. As we rounded the corner we could see that distinctive white beach, the  small palms and that stunning turquoise water beckoning “come swim”. We anchored with 4ft under the keel and jumped in immediately. There isn’t any great coral or turtles here but the fish are numerous and we spent many hours snorkelling. There is only one other boat anchored here so we feel like we have the place to ourselves! The water is so clear we can see our lovely new Rocna anchor. Union Island, sited behind the palm trees in the 3rd photo, is part of the adjacent country, St Vincent & The Grenadines. I love that the different countries/islands are so close.

Well, we’ve had lunch, done a load of washing, made water, baked some cookies and a cake and had another snorkel. We’re exhausted now so Mal’s having a beer, I’ve poured a cuppa and we’re just about to devote a few hours to reading. I didn’t know how I’d go in retirement, but I think I’m managing just fine!

Until next time, Sue & Mal xx


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