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Cruising doesn’t get much better than this

We’ve been cruising in The Bahamas for just over two months and, to use an old expression, it really doesn’t get much better than this! Take crystal clear waters, amazing marine life, stunningly beautiful remote, quiet anchorages and combine with great friends and there you have it, paradise!

Gin-like water :

DSCN0226 (800x600)
DSCN0229 (800x600) Norman’s Cay
DSCN9422 (800x600)
Checking out conch on Mayaguana

Hunting for coconuts :

Indescribable colours :

Peaceful anchorages :

DSCN0143 (800x600) DSCN0157 (800x600)

It is special when you can share some of this with friends and family so we were lucky my sister, Anne, could join us for a few weeks visiting Eleuthera and The Abacos.

DSCN0419 (800x600)DSCN0239 (800x600)DSCN0269 (800x600)

Beautiful architecture :

Great mates :

Mal and Dave’s (Banyan) birthday celebrations at Spanish Wells.
Lt Harbour
Lt Harbour
Hope Town (S/Vs Carrie May, Providence, Banyan and Slow Waltz)
Hope Town (S/Vs Carrie May, Providence, Banyan and Slow Waltz)

We are presently at West End which is our last stop before jumping across The Gulf Stream to Florida. We have truly loved The Bahamas and now look forward to the next stage of our adventure. Here we come US of A!

Cheers, Sue and Mal xx


February already?

It’s been a long time between drinks, well blog posts anyway and we’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

We’ve been busy with festive season celebrations, guests and generally just hangin’!

Christmas was in St Barths with friends aboard Kool Kat and we had a blast!

IMG_7223 (1280x853)
Plating up is always a hive of activity!
IMG_7212 (1280x923)
Slow Waltz (Gwen & Guillaume) with Mal and me in back row, Banyan (Alex & Dave) and Sea Life (Mark, another Aussie) had a great day, and night!

New Year was in Sint Maarten with friends and Aussie guests, Jo and Bob, who had just flown in for their second tour on Kool Kat! Another blast!

DSCN8982 (800x600)
Ready to party….
DSCN8985 (800x600)
Jo and Gwen enjoying the best Margaritas in town!

Then it was off to the Virgin Islands, British, US and Spanish, with Jo and Bob, for three weeks of fun. We snorkelled The Indians, Long Bay, Anegada, Christmas Cove just to name a few; hiked Virgin Gorda; drank Painkillers at Saba Rock, Foxy’s, Pusser’s, The Soggy Dollar, The Greenhouse and many more; played Rummy Tiles ad infinitum and basically had a ball.

DSCN9116 (800x600)
Their fave spot on Kool Kat

We had an awesome time together and felt more homesick than usual as we waved them goodbye at Culebra airport on our last time together on Kool Kat. Hang on, did Jo yell something about The Bahamas…..?

We spent a few more days inĀ  Culebra before heading to Puerto Rico where we stayed in the Palmas del Mar Marina – a bit of luxe whilst we provision for The Bahamas but that’s a whole other story….

Happy sailing, Sue and Mal xx