Adventures on the SS Minnow (aka Kool Kat 1)

Gilligan (Jon) and Ginger (Gail) left an Icy Toronto at -13 Degrees to crew on the wonderful SS Minnow with the Skipper (Mal) and Mary-Ann (Sue). Arriving at the airport, to the driving rain and high humidity, we wondered what we were in for.

Having been met by Skip and Mary–Ann we descended to the bar of the Antigua Yacht Club in Falmouth Harbour, and had an immediate drink to start our 8-day cruise.

DSC_0186 (1024x681)
SS Minnow

After our debriefing by Skip, under direction of Mary-Anne, we settled into life on-board. Over the next eight days we were told we will Sail, Snorkel, Swim, Motor, Drink, Sleep, Rest and do as we are told (by Skip).

Spent day one in and around Falmouth and English Harbours getting rid of our land legs and hoping that our sea legs would hold us in good stead.

four of us
After climbing Fort Barrington overlooking Deep Bay

At night we spent a very enjoyable evening with Yachty friends on s/v Purrfect, eating and drinking far too much. Next morning we set sail for Jolly Harbour followed by pouring rain and fluky winds.

DSCN1749 (1024x768) (2)
Off Five Islands Harbour

Skip and Mary–Ann are doing their best to make our experience memorable, but no need for that as the experience of being on such a pleasurable yacht with good Company is surreal for us Landlubbers.

DSC_3289 (1024x685)
The Skip and Mary-Ann in action.

The beaches are incredible, and we are experiencing as many as we can. Out of this world!! Gilligan is in Heaven!

DSC_3256 (1024x685)
Jolly Beach

Having all suffered from internet deprivation, we convinced Skip to move to Hermitage Bay so we could feed our addiction but really so we could again swim off the boat in sparkling blue waters. At night we were treated to the culinary delights of Skip and Mary-Anne. What pleasures came out of the Magma and the Galley!

DSCN1783 (1024x768)
Ginger and Gilligan cooling off!

After two days of heaven in Hermitage Bay and Jolly Harbour, our leaders told us we are going to go somewhere they had have never been before. We are off to Great Bird Island.

DSC_3313 (1024x685)
SS Minnow moored at Great Bird Island behind Gilligan, Ginger and Skip!

Despite again being without the Skip’s beloved internet for two days we had a fantastic time walking to the top of the island, swimming at North Beach and South Beach…isolated and beautiful beaches that you only remember seeing in travel brochures. It is amazing how you can cut yourself off from the real world and lapse into Paradise. We also saw Skip at his best as he chased a yacht as it was circling its anchor because the unskilled Captain had left the engine in gear. Thank God for our Skip, well done (in future if Skip could learn to whistle he would save himself a lot of energy).

DSC_3342 (1024x685)
Ginger on the bow

We awoke the next day and were told we are going to Jumby Bay on Long Island. The island houses a very expensive resort that does not let yachties land ashore..AND, guess what, Good Internet! yippee 200 emails to deal with …welcome back to reality. This was quickly solved by a swim in the azure bright blue waters.

DSC_0173 (1024x681)
SS Minnow anchored in Jumby Bay, Long island

What did we learn from our adventure on Minnow. Always place a coaster under any glass, on any surface; do not under any circumstances bring sand onto the boat; only leave dinghy when it is square to boat; always rinse anything that has come into contact with salt water; hot water is not required; don’t slam freezer door but firmly shut fridge door.

You can see why Skip and Mary–Ann have a superb boat that is worthy of their pride.

Thanks Skip and Mary–Ann for a memorable time on the Minnow. We will not forget your warmth, friendship and hospitality for a long time….even better, the Minnow didn’t get lost. Gilligan’s instructions to Skip must have worked.

Skip & Mary-Ann’s postscript: We invite our guests to write a post and this one is a cracker! We had a ball with Ginger and Gilligan and miss their great company. Particularly those deep and meaningful questions that only Gilligan can pose: such as, why is the Boxing Kangaroo flag flying upside down Skip? We loved it that Ginger had some PBs AND finally saw a Green Flash! Miss you guys, love Skip and Mary-Ann xx


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