Guadeloupe Part 3: Deshaies

Deshaies (pronounced day-hay) is on the north-west corner of Guadeloupe and our last port before sailing to Antigua. In our previous post we mentioned we spent Christmas Day in Deshaies but I also wanted to highlight some areas of interest in the town.

DSCN0806 (1024x768)
Customs Office –  doubling as a retail outlet, Le Pelican!
DSCN0803 (1024x768)
Excellent boulangerie/patisserie
DSCN0791 (1024x768)
Kool Kat (blue mainsail cover) moored in Deshaies with dinghy dock in foreground

Deshaies is the home of the Jardin Botanique de Deshaies which is beautifully laid out and offers some very interesting flora and fauna. We spied the most beautiful flower called the Dutchman’s Brazilian Pipe with its’ velvety petals along with a large variety of heliconias, orchids, bromeliads and cacti. The Talipot palm is striking and enormous and I can’t go past a favourite of mine, the Ficus tree, with it’s sombre but elegant long limbs! Flamingoes, macaws and rainbow lorikeets added some delightful colour and complimented the man-made waterfall cascading through the gardens. It was a lovely way to spend a hot day!

DSCN0648 (1024x768)
DSCN0724 (1024x768)
Mal and the magnificent Talipot Palm



Fabulous fig tree
Fabulous ficus
Dutchman's Brazilian Pipe - velvety feel
Dutchman’s Brazilian Pipe – with its’ velvet petals and measuring 6-8″

Along the coast of Guadeloupe we saw mausoleum cemeteries and visited the one in Deshaies which overlooks the town. Some were very elaborate with enough room for 12 family members but the most common housed six.

Deshaies is also known due to the fact that the entire village is the setting of the popular British TV series Death in Paradise (series I and II).

Deshaies’ church is right next to the fictional Honoré police station
Main characters from Death in Paradise



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