Guadeloupe Part 2: Cousteau Underwater Park

As in the past, we invite our guests to post on our blog and below is Annie’s.

We had a fast and smooth sail from Bourg des Saintes (a beautiful town on a beautiful island) to Pigeon Island, just off the west coast of the island of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe. Pigeon is known for good diving and snorkelling and is located within the Cousteau Underwater Park. We anchored just off shore at Malendure on the mainland and were in the water snorkelling within minutes. It was Turtle City! It was amazing to see so many big, medium and small turtles who didn’t seem the slightest bit concerned by our presence. I had forgotten how beautifully peaceful it is to snorkel, just floating through the water following whatever catches your eye. The next morning we took the dinghy to the actual island and saw lots of stunningly coloured and patterned fish swimming around the coral and rocks. The water was crystal clear for the turtles feeding on the sea grasses so close to the boat and for the fish near the island.

DSCN0517 (1024x768)
Lighthouse on south-west coast of Guadeloupe mainland
DSCN0594 (1024x768)
Turtle swimming around our boat at Malendure
DSCN0556 (1024x768)
One of many beautiful tropical fish at Pigeon Island
Stoplight Parrotfish (1024x768)
Stoplight Parrot fish
DSCN0536 (1024x768)
Sue enjoying the water

I’ve had some fabulous experiences on this trip – great weather, exhilarating sailing, good food and wine. As a Francophile from way back, thank you France for these precious little outposts in this paradise called the Caribbean – delivering excellent wine, bread, pastries and our Christmas dinner of French champagne, duck pate, terrine de campagne, stuffed rolled lamb and even a pistachio Buche de Noel! Sue’s version of Key Lime Pie was a sensational icing on the cake.

DSCN0765 (1024x768)
Good French wine
Christmas 2014 lunch
Stuffed lamb, beans, potato and pumpkin with gravy. Tres bien!
Traditional French Christmas Cake: Buche de Noel
Traditional French Christmas Cake: Buche de Noel

Mal and Sue have been great hosts and it’s been such a privilege to be invited to share part of their wonderful adventure. I loved their company, lots of talking and laughing, swimming and snorkelling, learning to play an addictive card game called Wizard and sleeping and lazing in the sun. A truly fabulous 17 days!

Sue & Mal’s postscript:

Thanks Annie for being such a great crew member. It was such fun travelling together again and sharing all the highs and lows that travel brings.

Our next post will be on the township of Deshaies as the final of our Guadeloupe series. Until then, stay safe, Sue & Mal xx



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