Guadeloupe Part 1 : Les Saintes

We’re back in France! After sailing from Dominica we arrived at a small group of islands called ‘The Saints’ and which are part of a larger group of islands known as the country of  Guadeloupe. Like Martinique, Guadeloupe is a ‘department’ of France. It is the island shaped like a butterfly in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. Please click on our “Cruising Grounds” maps in the left margin of our blog if you’re interested to see its’ location.

DSCN0384 (1024x768)
Approaching Les Saintes with mainland Guadeloupe in the background
DSCN0388 (1024x768)
Anne sitting in the ‘dress circle’ seat as we pass Pain du Sucre

Bourg des Saintes is the only town in Les Saintes and is located on the main island of Terre de Haut. The major industry is tourism and ferries arrive daily from the nearby mainland and other small islands. It has all the charm of a small French seaside village; quaint little houses, a pretty church, a good boulangerie, pretty beaches and good restaurants.

DSCN0390 (1024x768)
The church
DSCN0413 (1024x768)
Typical side street
DSCN0391 (1024x768)
Location, location, location! Anne found this Renovator’s Opportunity in the main street!

I have a thing about doorways, entrances and letterboxes…

Whilst Anne had a morning of R & R on Kool Kat, Mal and I caught up with Catherine and George from s/v Picaro and we hiked to the top of Le Chameau, approximately 1,000 ft up a steep climb. It was a morning interspersed with lots of showers and we were fortunate the local goats were happy to share their shelter.

DSCN0455 (768x1024)
At the top of Le Chameau overlooking Bourg des Saintes
DSCN0445 (1024x768)
Catherine and Sue taking a breather!
DSCN0424 (768x1024)
Mal & George with goat hosts

The following day Annie, Mal and I had a more gentle walk across the island to Plage de Pompierre, a small beach on the windward side of the island; note angle of the palm trees. After a Carib and a Desperados we were on our way again, winding our way home via two other bays and some interesting little streets.

DSCN0485 (1024x768)
Plage de Pompierre
DSCN0486 (1024x768)
Nothing like a quiet one after a good walk!

DSCN0487 (1024x768)

DSCN0488 (768x1024)

The Saints is definitely worth another visit and next time we’ll check out some of the other islands. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Guadeloupe series which is about Pigeon Island in the Jacques Cousteau Marine Park where Annie fell in love with snorkelling 🙂

Until then, take care, Sue & Mal xx


One thought on “Guadeloupe Part 1 : Les Saintes”

  1. at last someone after my own heart, when we comeback from O/S I have a special file that I put my photos of Doors, Windows, Gates and views thru holes in walls. Happy New Year


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