In the land of croissants and pain au chocolat!

2nd post on the great time we spent on Martinique – Anse d’Arlets to St Pierre.

We were very excited to head north to Martinique’s capital city, Fort-de-France (FDF), to collect my sister who was flying in from Australia. It was a quick motor-sail up to Anse Mitan for two nights which is located across the bay from FDF. It was fun to catch up with Serenade, Slow Waltz and Night Watch for dinner and a stroll through the Creole Village.

Cute little bar at Anse Mitan
Cute little bar at Anse Mitan

Over at FDF we had a day of boat provisioning and getting ready for our special guest! We couldn’t exactly remember what day Annie was arriving so it was lucky we arrived with a few days up our sleeve; she flew in on the Wednesday and we thought it was going to be the Friday! Bonus, we can set sail earlier, but only after a day showing her around town 🙂

DSCN0184 (1024x768)

Back to Anse d’Arlets for some snorkelling and to practise using our new underwater camera!

And a gentle walk around to Grande Anse d’Arlets…

DSCN0107 (1024x768)
A leisurely stroll along the waterfront
DSCN0108 (1024x768)
Very peaceful little town
A Shrine with a very generous offering!
Look closely – a Shrine with a very generous offering!

We then sailed north to St Pierre, a town in the shadow of the volcano, Mt Pelee. It was here, in 1902, when 30,000 residents were killed by the volcano and the town, known as the Paris of the Caribbean, was destroyed. 12 ships in the harbour were sunk and the town today has many reminders of the disaster.

DSCN0252 (1024x768)
Mt Pelee
DSCN0201 (768x1024)
A typical street

The town had some great architecture and many buildings were adorned with pictures of women.

Original town hall
Interesting architecture
Giant images of women
Strong images of women
DSCN0208 (768x1024)
Loved the old buildings
Kool Kat at anchor
Kool Kat at anchor
Exquisite pictures of women adorned buildings
Exquisite pictures

Theatre ruins….

DSCN0223 (1024x768)
Entrance to ruins of theatre
DSCN0246 (1024x768)
Modern day building decoration
DSCN0244 (1024x768)
More cobblestoned streets

It was fitting that on the last night on the island of Martinique, we had another fabulous meal; the best rotisseried chicken we had ever eaten. C’est magnifique!

And so, the next morning we set sail for our next stop, Dominica.

From Annie, Mal and me, if we don’t manage to post another blog before Christmas Day, have a great day wherever you are.

A bientot, Sue xx


2 thoughts on “In the land of croissants and pain au chocolat!”

  1. Loved your 2014 trip blogs, roll on 2015.
    Merry Christmas to you both and may the wind blow you to more wonderful places. Ally n Gray


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