Martinique – Marin to Anse d’Arlets

Martinique is a “department” of France so it is just like being in France, albeit with a creole flavour! When we first visited supermarkets Leader Price and Carrefour in Marin, I felt like a child in a candy shop! The cheeses and wines are excellent, cheap and there is so much variety. We stayed in Marin for a couple of nights which is home to a huge marina with hundreds of yachts. Eight chartering companies have their home here and, as a result, the marine industry is thriving.

IMG_2432 (1024x768)
Yachts and more yachts

We had a problem with our generator so Mal tried a few things but unfortunately it wouldn’t behave so we went ashore and spoke to some marine engineers who informed us it would be two weeks before they could even look at the problem. 😦 We came back to the boat and Mal decided to check a connection he hadn’t previously and hey presto, that was it! A new buz(?) bar and a couple of new lugs and we were on our way. Sure enough MacGyver solved it again!

IMG_2421 (768x1024)

 We then motored over to the quaint little town of Ste Anne. On the way we passed a huge ship delivering some super yachts.

Delivery of super yachts with Marin marina in background
Delivery of super yachts with Marin marina in background

No sooner had we arrived in Ste Anne than a local “yole” race commenced and we had ringside seats! If you’d like to find out more about traditional yole racing, click here. A quick summary is that each vessel flies brightly colored rectangular sails over rounded canoe-like wooden hulls made from local pear trees. Sailing a Yole Boat actually requires all hands to be overboard, balancing on long poles while riding astride the vessel in an effort to keep it upright… and tame the wind. It was an amazing spectacle!

IMG_5622 (1024x683) IMG_5634 (1024x683) IMG_5657 (1024x683)

We caught up with friends Jo & Greg (Serenade), Gwen & Guillaume (Slow Waltz), Diana & Gil (Serenada), Mary & Ralph (Nightwatch) and Alex & Dave (Banyan). We hiked to the most beautiful beach and did some snorkelling off one of the channel markers.

Fun aboard Kool Kat.
Fun aboard Kool Kat.
Waiting for us girls.
Waiting for us girls.
Grande Anse Des Salines beach
Grande Anse Des Salines beach
Amazing water at Grande Anse Des Salines
Amazing water at Grande Anse Des Salines

Mal & I then moved around to Anse d’Arlets which we remembered very fondly from three years ago when sailing on Bruce & Gina’s boat Wyuna. It is a tiny village that isn’t that much interested in tourism. Life just plods along for the locals. We anchored in Anse Chaudiere and snorkelled off the back of the boat in crystal clear water.

Fishing boat in Anse d'Arlets
Fishing boat in Anse d’Arlets
Massive school of round scads
Massive school of round scads

Martinique is such a gorgeous island that I’ll need to continue the journey in our next post.

Hoping you come back for more, a bientot, Sue & Mal xx.


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