Bequia to Martinique

After 13 days in delightful Bequia (pronounced Beck-way), we took a weather window opportunity to sail north with an Easterly prediction as distinct from the northerlies that equate to a very rugged sail! Along with about 10 other yachts, we left at 6am and headed for Martinique (90 nm) or, dependent on the sail, Rodney Bay, St Lucia. As you can see from the photo of our friends Diana & Gil on Serenada, it was a tad lumpy out there and wasn’t the easterly we had all hoped for. Never mind, we kept ahead of the squalls and we pulled into St Lucia after nine hours and readied ourselves for a morning sail across the channel to Martinique.

IMG_5447 (640x427)
Serenada in a trough!
IMG_5459 (1024x683)
We evaded squalls that came and went all day.
Time for a nap....
Time for a nap….
IMG_2336 (1024x768)
More squalls.
IMG_2324 (1024x768)
Chart Plotter showing 8 knots across the ground in the channel between St Vincent and St Lucia.
IMG_5432 (1024x683)
Always time for a cuppa!

We had a fantastic sail the next day, with the easterlies that had been predicted for the previous day, and anchored in Le Marin behind good friends Alex and Dave on Banyan. We dinghied in to customs together which was beneficial for us as Alex speaks beautiful French! Then time for a dejeuner, wi-fi and the local beer, Lorraine.

IMG_2361 (1024x768)
Lunch – blood sausage, salt fish, accras, stuffed crab and salad. C’est magnifique!
IMG_2368 (768x1024)
Aaah, Lorraine!

Sunny and John from on Notre Vie had filled us in on the fabulous provisioning in Martinique so it was off to the shops for some much-needed cheap French wine and cheeses! Oooh la la!

Until our next update, keep well, Sue & Mal xx


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