Silicone – Yes or No?

I know what you’re thinking – what is she on about now? I am, of course, talking about silicone kitchen tools and how they are a must on our boat. I am in love with them!

In a previous blog (October 2014) entitled Gallery Series: Part 2, I espoused the benefits of my newly-purchased silicone muffin trays from a baking point of view but I also want to say they are perfect for those of us who have limited space, seriously DISLIKE scrubbing pans, and want something light-weight. But, of course, not all tools claiming to be silicone are the same. I did a little research (click here) before purchasing my Artisan baking sheets and Grazia 12-cup muffin tray and, as they say, the proof is in the muffin, or pudding! I’m super happy with them.

Ready to eat

According to the those who know about such things, you need to make sure the silicone product you purchase doesn’t have any ‘fillers’ as this will reduce the quality. This can easily be checked when buying in-person by bending the product; if the colour of the product doesn’t go all the way through and you see some white or lighter colour, it includes fillers. I purchased my items online through Amazon and read reviews on the brands before making my choice. Fortunately, when mine arrived, it was red all the way through!

From a baking point of view, nearly all my muffins have browned when using the silicone tray. However, there was one occasion when they didn’t brown and I’ve put that down to my choice of ingredients: I used wet coconut rather than dry. In addition to traditional sweet muffins I bake savoury, such as cheese, zucchini, and also bake meffins. Yes, meffins; that is, meat muffins. These are really good during a sail 🙂

Brown all over!
Brown all over!

The cleaning of the tray is probably the best feature – it’s soooooo easy and, apart from initially greasing the molds, I never add oil or butter prior to filling. How easy is that 😉

From a limited storage point of view, the muffin trays can be cut into 2 x 6 cup, 3 x 4 cup or 4 x 3-cup trays, plus they are light. I haven’t needed to cut mine down but I have seen it done.

The baking sheets have also been good; no greasing and cleaning of trays. They are a little ‘limp’ so I place the sheet on an inverted baking tray for stability and it works well.  I also leave one on the bench beside the oven and use it for hot pots and pans.

Artisan baking sheet
Artisan baking sheet
IMG_2280 (640x480)
Baking sheet with inverted tray for stability

I am now ready to dispose of my hard, slightly rusty, muffin tray and I’m happy not to be using baking paper or disposable muffin cups, which usually end up stuck to the muffin.

So, there you have it, silicone kitchen utensils gets a big YES from me.



2 thoughts on “Silicone – Yes or No?”

  1. Often seen them on display at Spotlight but wondered if they were as good as claimed, thx for the confirmation, will have to try. How did you send the aroma as well as the photo, or was it my imagination owing to my love affair with muffins.


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