Galley Series Part 1: Apps for the Galley

I started this post to talk about my galley experiences, specifically using apps rather than traditional cookbooks and experimenting with different foods. It soon became obvious that it was going to be a large post, even for me, so I decided to split it into two and have called it the Galley Series! Sounds pretty impressive, huh?

I love technology, especially when it makes my life easier. So, when we decided to live on a boat I decided to use apps or download e-cookbooks to my iPad, a brilliant space-saving measure! Back in Sydney, with excellent wi-fi connection, I eagerly downloaded lots of apps from some of my favourite chefs, Donna Hay, Karen Martini, Jamie Oliver, etc. and the new I Quit Sugar (IQS) e-book from Sarah Wilson. I arrived on board and was very disappointed to find some of my longed-for recipes couldn’t be accessed when we didn’t have wi-fi or if the connection was poor. So, I’ve been ruthless and only kept apps that are downloaded to my iPad and I want to share with you some that I’ve found really useful.

iCookbook (FREE): I use the Diabetic version as I was looking for low-sugar recipes but I’ve since discovered they also have iCookbook and iCookbook Gluten-Free. The link to their website is here What is particularly handy for me, and what I use 99% of the time, is My Recipe Box, a storage area in the app for my personal recipes. I find one online, cook it and, if it’s a success, I add it to My Recipe Box. I often make notes, rate the recipe for future use and email or print the recipe without needing any wi-fi connection. It works a treat!

The 2nd app is Michelle Tam’s NomNom Paleo which I absolutely love. I’m interested in Paleo and find her app beautifully designed and very practical. From memory this is around $6US. I don’t normally pay for apps but I like her recipes and think the app is gorgeous. Recipes are detailed in two different modes: step-by-step with illustrations for each step or in a recipe card style. I use the card style but can check the step-by-step illustrations if I’m unsure as to how it should appear. It’s very good and I’m pretty sure it’s won an award.  Check out her website at Note: it is large so you’ll need a good connection for the initial download.

Michelle Tam in her kitchen – cute isn’t she?

I also use apps by Karen Martini, Donna Hay’s What’s For Dinner, Clean & Green and Paleo Recipes (Australia) which are all FREE and available on my iPad without wi-fi connection, but the above two are my go-to apps.

An app I’ve found particularly helpful is Subulator and it’s FREE. Living in another country and living on a boat means you sometimes, well often actually, have to find substitute ingredients. Voila! I open my Subulator, find the required ingredient and it provides a variety of substitutes with proportions, etc. Brilliant! It hasn’t had every single ingredient I’ve wanted, but nine times out of ten it’s done the job!

The final app I’d like to mention is the Unit Converter shown above. This has been invaluable coming from an Aussie metric system to a mostly lbs/ozs one. We’ve also used it for other conversions on the boat, like how many litres are in a gallon? There are many out there to choose from and this one is easy to use and FREE.

So, these are the apps that I’ve found helpful when creating my culinary delights in the galley! If you have any that you would like to share with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Part 2 in The Galley Series is about some of our more successful dishes that we’ve created on board.

I hope this was helpful, Sue.


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