It’s been an active week, again!

“Hello mudder, hello farder, here I am at Camp Grenada”. Yes, it’s been another fun-packed week to ten days here in Grenada. We’ve enjoyed our regular volleyball sessions over at Secret Harbour and Friday week ago we stayed for a night of 70’s, 80s and 90’s music with cruisers White Chocolate and Chris May from Troubador performing. It was a great night and what’s that expression, “dance like no-one is watching”; oops, I might have taken that one too literally. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone there and my kids will be happy to know I didn’t do an Elaine!

Sue and Sunny bopping along with other cruisers to White Chocolate.

Sunday morning saw our now regular 3-hr brunch with Rudy & Gagi (s/v Prairie Fox) and Denis & Anjelica (s/v Alma Mia). It was Kool Kat’s turn to play host so we started off with chia puddings, egg, bacon and spinach tasters, followed by home-made English muffins with various condiments, including vegemite. We are definitely converting other cruisers to this special spread! Over the past few weeks our boat galleys have produced some amazing meals: enchiladas to ham and cheese croissants, mexican bean dishes to crepes, etc. It’s a lovely way to end our week; enjoying great food with great friends 🙂

Wednesday was a beautifully calm day so Denis, Anjelica, Rudy, Gagi, Mal & I went kayaking around Prickly Bay. We paddled out to the reef and Denis & Anjelica on their double kayak and Rudy on his single kayak, caught a few waves in. Gagi didn’t feel quite so brave given it was her first time kayaking and Mal & I didn’t risk it in our inflatable double kayak. We then played a few games of Bocce at the University Club before paddling back home for dinner. What a lovely way to finish the day.

Saturday saw Mal & I participate in our first hash. A hash is a set walk or run followed by lots of socialising (aka drinking beer). Check out wikipedia for the history of HHH (Hash House Harriers), an international informal running group. When hashing for the first time you are known as newbies or virgin hashers and attract some unwanted attention in the form of a beer-soaking at the end of the hash. Mal & I thought we had covered all bases by not registering as newbies but our friends were not impressed that we wouldn’t be part of the standard initiation ceremony. Whilst we were smugly watching the virgin hashers being doused with beer, our friends turned their beers on us and we got sprayed true and proper. Thanks guys!

Sunday morning heralded another beautiful brunch hosted this time by Denis and Anjelica on Alma Mia. Her spicy salsa is TDF! That  afternoon, cruisers from Prickly Bay and Secret Harbour bussed over to Port Louis Marina for a Potluck dinner. Izzy & Jeff from Izzy R had organised for happy hour to be extended from 5-6 to 4-6pm so we jumped straight into their famous rum punches. As an Aussie I’m not so familiar with potlucks but this is now my 2nd and they’re great. A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contribute a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the larger gathered group. (  The theme was Tex Mex so I prepared a Mexican layered bean dip (recipe courtesy of my Mexican friend Anjelica) and took polenta/cornmeal muffins (recipe courtesy of my Serbian friend Gagi). Thanks girls. The variety of food was sensational and the marina is such a pretty venue. Izzy had also organised for the GSPCA to attend along with a few special little animals.

Well, I’ve still got more to write but no time to do it. I’ve got to finish another post regarding the Liebster Blog Award! Exciting? Well for us maybe, although there is no award and it’s just a bit of fun. You’ll have to read the next post to find out more……

Until then, enjoy yourselves, Sue & Mal xx


4 thoughts on “It’s been an active week, again!”

  1. Love to hear your news – it all looks so amazing -very envious.
    Especially love the moves on the dance floor – go girl !!

    David and I are both well although still shackled with work.

    Spend a lot of the weekend time with the littlies – good fun and our choice.
    Lily has just turned 8 and at a lovely age – a real little friend now.
    Baby Clementine is 16 months and oh so cute!
    The rest are all in stages in between.

    Take care and keep on having fun!
    Love Jane and David


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