SHH (Secret Harbour Hike)

Every day we pinch ourselves at how lucky we are! We are loving our new lifestyle, what’s not to love, and are amazed at the diversity of people we meet and the friendships we have made in a very short time.

On Saturday we joined 13 cruisers and 1 dog (Brody) in a 2-hour hike from Secret Harbour, aka Hartmann Bay, through a bird sanctuary, up hills,  down dales, through a Radisson Resort and along Grand Anse Beach to the popular bar/restaurant, Umbrellas. Our intrepid leaders, Dalynn and Glenn, had spent many hours of preparation to make the hike truly fun!

Inaugural Secret Harbour Hike Group
Inaugural Secret Harbour Hike Group (note flour signage)

The hike “rules” were spelt out: follow the dabs of white flour along the track, make a directional choice when confronted with a circle of flour, turn back if a flour cross appeared on the track, and, wait for the group, tell a joke and take a photo when faced with a smiley face enclosed within a square.

After one hour, and at a peak overlooking Secret Harbour, Dalynn and Glenn produced icy-cold cans of Stag (local beer) which they had carried in their backpacks! Boy, did they taste good! Then they pointed to several “walking sticks” they had previously gathered earlier in the day as we were about to face some steep, muddy descents and I quickly selected my trusty aid. Mal didn’t see the need.

He took the lead and was off. Little did I realise that whilst I had my head down carefully picking my way through the mud, roots and slippery bits, he was just trying to keep upright and was accelerating at a speed a tad faster than he would have liked, albeit silently. Where the hell is a walking stick when you need one? I had to do the old Aussie bush call, coo-ee, to work out where he was as he had disappeared. Dave and Alex from s/v Banyan were right behind me and we came across a flour arrow directing us down a different path. Mal responded to my coo-ee so we knew he had taken that path. I then witnessed a side to Dave I was unaware of: he’s a devil! He quickly erased the arrow so others would miss the turnoff and then waited in the undergrowth to see them pass by, all the while chuckling to himself. He then called out enquiring why they weren’t following the track? Very funny Dave, almost as good as your tupperware joke. On the walk we witnessed lots of termite nests in trees and nasty black millipedes curled up on tree trunks. They were quite big and I wanted to take a closer look but was quickly informed that they have been known to blind people by spitting venom. Sue, step away from the tree! And we thought Australia had the market cornered on dangerous fauna!

Extremely dangerous fauna
Extremely dangerous fauna

After a short time we walked out of the sanctuary into a neighbourhood street and couldn’t believe our eyes: an ice-cream van! Gosh Dalynn is a great organiser! On a 30C degree day and after 1.5 hrs of serious hiking, there was nothing more pleasing to the eye, and palette! Coconut ice-cream all round and at 2.50EC ($1AU), it was pure bliss. Dalynn quickly confessed that this was definitely accidental and not planned. Synchronicity I say! After stopping to help a local family push their mini-moke up a hill, turn it round and roll it back down again, we continued our walk, purchased some hard-to-find tomatoes from a road-side vendor and made our way across St George’s main street.

The easiest way to get to Grand Anse beach, and a much-needed swim, was through The Radisson Resort so we confidently walked past the guard house signed “guests only” with Brody in-tow, across the beautifully manicured gardens, through the beach gate and on to the very popular Grenadian beach. It is long, white and very clean and locals and tourists spend many hours bathing in its’ tranquil waters. We waded through the shallows until we neared Umbrellas, where we dumped our gear and just fell in the water. It was fantastic and very hard to get out. We then walked to the restaurant, rinsed off in their outdoor shower, changed and sat down to a fantastic meal and well-earned gin and tonic, or two! Our taxi driver, George, picked us up and dropped us off at our dinghies ready for our “drive” home. We fell into bed and were asleep before our heads hit the pillow!

Enjoying the water after 2-hr hike!
Enjoying the water after our 2-hr hike!

What a great day. Thanks to Dalynn and Glenn for all their thought and preparation. We can’t wait until the next one 🙂

Love, Sue and Mal xx


3 thoughts on “SHH (Secret Harbour Hike)”

  1. What fabulous fun you two are having ,somehow lost your blogs so am very happy to be back in the feed it’s just fun to ‘read all about it’,love to you both Catherine and Joe in sunny cyprus ! xx


  2. What fabulous fun you two are having ,somehow lost your blogs so am very happy to be back in the feed. It’s just fun to ‘read all about it’,love to you both Catherine and Joe in sunny Cyprus ! xx


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