Today was one out of the box!

We had our best day EVER in the Caribbean today, and that’s saying something!

We had chosen today to sail back to Grenada from Tyrrel Bay as the weather gods seemed to suggest it would be the best. So, up with the sparrows this morning and we were ready by 7am. It started out a little windy and we were a bit concerned about the boat in front when pulling up the anchor but all went well and Team Kool Kat were away!

We hadn’t even left the Bay when rain clouds peeped over the horizon. We quickly put up the heady and the main before they were upon us. We had thought we might anchor at Isle de Ronde on the way down to check out the snorkelling but the weather suggested otherwise. We actually stayed ahead of most of it and kept looking out the back at the black clouds from whence we had come, very happy for our early start.

Confetti on west coast of Grenada

The crossing from Carriacou to Grenada was the fastest we have done in KK peaking at 11 knots; we were riding the waves and scooting along. By the time we reached the top of Grenada we were very pleased with ourselves and how good ol’ KK performed.

The trip down the west coast of Grenada was gorgeous; fast and the clouds gathered over the island, not over us – we were bathed in beautiful sunshine. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought the villages on Caribbean islands look like sprinkled confetti. The houses can be a collection of reds, blues, oranges, whites, yellows and my iPhone photo doesn’t do it justice.

Just off the tiny fishing village of Gouyave we spotted a mother humpback whale and her calf. We’d been on the lookout most of the day as she’d been spotted in the region by other yachties a week or so ago so we were thrilled to see they were still here.

With the weather being so beautiful we decided to check out the moorings at Moliniere Point, the home of the Grenada Underwater Sculpture. We weren’t disappointed, visibility was fantastic. It is a Marine Park and we are required to pick up a mooring and pay a fee ($10US) but, unlike Tobago Cays, I don’t think you can stay overnight.

Pipe coral (Google image)
Fan coral (Google image)

We jumped in straight away and snorkeled straight off the back of the boat. We were astounded – we haven’t seen so many fish – schools upon schools and such a huge diversity; barracuda, parrot fish, bright blue littlies, yellow and blue, pale blue, etc,  and the list goes on and on. The coral was good too with lots of fans, pipes and brains! And then we found the sculptures. They aren’t too far down and the photo at right is when they were pretty new and is taken from the website. They are now covered in coral and fish are constantly picking at them making them a ‘living’ sculpture. There are several installations and this is just one. Check out the link above if you are interested in seeing more.

Underwater Sculptures

We snorkeled back to the boat, had lunch and then reluctantly got on our way again but we’ll definitely return. We arrived in Prickly Bay Grenada about 2pm and then had a little Nana-nap. It’s been a big day and it’s 2 for 1 pizza at the Marina tonight so we need to rest up!

We also saw a turtle on our travels just to top off a wonderful day in paradise.

I’ve added a couple more photos that may be of interest: friends (Scott & Paula from Scherzo and Pete and Dee from Wind Lass) and a little boy at Tyrrel Bay.

Love, Sue & Mal. xx

L-R: Scott, Pete, Dee, Paula & Mal

Sitting on the beach wall at Tyrrel Bay


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