Bob & Jo’s Caribbean Experience

Hello to all the followers of Kool Kat 1. 
Clifton on Union Island

We are writing to you on board this luxury sailing vessel, as the very first guests of the adventurous seafarers Mal and Sue. Currently we are anchored in the azure blue shallow waters of Tobago Cays. Now if you were ever looking for paradise this is it. A 360 degree view reveals small deserted islands which are, of course, covered in white sandy beaches with coconut palms that are protected by a shallow reef. But put on the snorkelling gear and Tobago Cays reveals it’s true magic.

Kinder kids on Mayreau Is
Bob filleting mahi mahi
Getting online onshore
View of Tobago Cays from Mayreau Island

A protected marine sanctuary with a sandy grass covered bottom provides the perfect breeding grounds for green turtles which swim gracefully and in abundance in the crystal clear waters. I don’t know about you but this experience has gone straight to my top 10 amazing experiences. A perfect day topped off by dips in the ocean, a gin and tonic, or two, and a few good laughs. I could go on to explain that the night sky sparkled like diamonds, but I need to leave some magic for you to discover for yourself.

Dinghy concert revellers

Our sailing adventure started as we flew in to Grenada to meet Mal and Sue who kindly gave us a couple of quiet days recovering from jet lag and adjusting to life on the boat. We explored the colourful Island of Grenada, swimming in waterfalls, absorbing the history and mixing with the locals. 

Then it was full swing into the social boatie life, with a dinghy concert to open a sailing regatta. Well what a blast that was. The band performed on a small tug boat, the dinghies rafted up to a floating pontoon with a bar or tied up to each other, the drinks flowed and the sea folk sang along. The music was great and the crowd loved it!

Yanni’s Island Bar with Palm Island in backbground

The next day we sailed for six or so hours in not so pleasant conditions; I’m pleased to say no one was sea sick. The reward was the sheltered harbour of beautiful Carriacou. We went ashore and finished the day with a few drinks and a beautiful meal at the Slipway Restaurant. We left the country of Grenada when we sailed out of Carriacou and entered the country of St Vincent & The Grenadines when we arrived at Clifton on Union Island.

Pre-dinner drinks at Yanni’s Island Bar

We have been on board for just over a week now and the gentle rocking and cool breeze as we sleep is providing for the best night sleeps we have had.  In a few days we will leave Mal and Sue to continue our own adventure, but not before sailing to and exploring a few more islands and relaxing or liming as the locals call it. Hang on, did I mention tonight’s BBQ Crayfish dinner on one of the small deserted Islands. 

My advice to you is to book your dates for your very own Caribbean Cruise on Kool Kat 1. We can’t thank Sue and Mal enough for the chance of a lifetime to join them and explore the Caribbean. We are already trying to workout dates for next year.  Jo and Bob .

Postscript from Sue & Mal:
Wednesday 12 March, Bob & Jo caught a charter flight back to Grenada for their early morning flight to Miami Thursday. We are going to miss them as we’ve had such a blast these past few weeks. They are continuing on their fantastic holiday and we are continuing to sail north. Thanks Bob and Jo, you are great crew and we’d love to have you back again. Can’t wait to follow the rest of your journey.
Yesterday (Thursday) we sailed to Bequia – an island we remember fondly from our previous visit. We are pleased to say it is still as beautiful as before and we will now spend a week or so here. Breakfast arrived this morning via one of the boat boys: fresh croissants and baguette! At $2AUS for a fresh croissant delivered to the boat, we’re happy 🙂
Until next time, love Sue & Mal. xox

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