Hey mon, not much to report

Yachts in Tyrrell’s Bay

Well we’ve been here a few days now in Tyrrell’s Bay waiting for a part to arrive from Trinidad for the compressor. Once the refrigeration mechanic has it in his hot little hands we had planned to return to Grenada for it to be fitted. Bruce was getting rather frustrated with the time it has taken and sought a 2nd opinion from a refrigeration mechanic here in Cariacou. He only found out about him because of Andy who is making the extra covers – he is extremely helpful and a wealth of information. The photo shows the large red and white  cat known as SV Wyuna slightly to the right of centre.

Sam (refrigeration mechanic) came out to check out the compressor and believes it is working fine! He thinks it is an expansion valve which Bruce has now ordered and will arrive in a few days via Fedex. Sam’s “other” job is training Cariacou police. He is a retired major from the US navy, carries a gun and has some amazing stories to share.

So, we are hoping that the covers will be fitted tomorrow and the valve by Thursday our time. We then plan to clear out of Grenada in Hillsborough and sail to Union Island where we will probably moor off Clifton. Union Is is in the country of St Vincent & The Grenadines. Weather dependent we will then sail to Meyrau and the Tobago Cays – v good snorkeling apparently.

The last couple of days have been spent swimming, walking, drinking, eating and reading. Gina & I went walking the other day and met a Swedish woman, Jeanette, who was painting and working with her Cariacou boyfriend setting up a little cafe/bar. She had a fellow Swede there, Susannah, working on the cafe and it turns out she has lived the last 30 years in Brisbane. She has bought land here and is in the process of moving. It’s so interesting meeting ordinary people who are living extraordinary lives.

M, S, G & B at Lazy Turtle
Floating dock at Lazy Turtle
Mal preparing to leap to floating dock

Last night we went to The Lazy Turtle for pizzas and pasta and a very tasty creme brulee. The restaurant “dock” was innovative. It was a floating deck which was tied to 2 steel poles in a short concrete slab. You tied the dinghy to the floating dock and then pulled it as close to the steel poles as possible and then took a flying jump! Not so easy from a moving, rocking floor. I felt like Lara Croft! All the cafes/restaurants are along the shore so the views are gorgeous. We had a K9 friend last night lying next to us in the restaurant – he had a very similar snout to Josie so it was quite comforting for Mal & me.

Today Mal is assembling a minicatamaran (photo at top) which came with the boat. This boat has everything! The kayak is the same as Mal’s in Lonny but an earlier version. Gina is currently updating the boat’s inventory and discovering all sorts of tools, equipment and parts. It’s astounding how much “stuff” is on this baby!

Until our next update, love to all, S, M, G & B.


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