Port Louis to Carriacou

Left Port Louis Marina just before lunch after a nerve-racking departure. We hugged the Grenada coast for 15 miles with strong gusts and for those who know my predilection for seasickness, I felt great. Nurse Gina had dosed me up with the strongest drug known to man, well yachties anyway, and it worked a treat. We were doing so well we decided to cross the strait between Grenada and Carriacou. Whoa, we had been sailing into the wind up the coast but that was nothing until we did the crossing. The wind was on the nose for the next 14 miles and I was prostrate for most of that time but I was ok! We reached Tyrrell’s Bay around 6.30pm in the dark. B, G & M did a great job setting the anchor with only the moon for assistance. The boat handled the conditions beautifully and Bruce is very happy with her. After a big day the G & Ts and the Stag beers got a workout. Cooked up a chicken korma with rice and veggies and called it a night.

Awoke to a pretty bay crowded with yachts, water is 14′ and we can see the bottom and some small fish – Mal has thrown in a line but to no avail! We have had some rain but it’s still warm with all of us in T’s or singlets.

Carriacou is a large island and still part of the country Grenada. We will probably move around to Hillsborough Bay which is the main town and spend a few days exploring before we leave Grenada. The islands are fairly close so we anticipate short sails between countries.

Until next time, all’s good mon!


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