The Day we Sailed

St Georges from Wyuna
Bruce returning damsels to Uni Club
An end to another day

We still have our fridge problem and we called Basil ( refrigeration person here)  to see if he was around on a Sunday but no response. So we decided to sail to Caraciou, but it looked like the wind would be on the nose. But we wanted to do a sail, so it was decide to sail anyway and check out the wind as the weather reports here and not very accurate. So up anchor and away we went, put up the main with one reef (using the windlass this time) and then the head sail. The boat sailed beautifully and as we left the coast we realised the wind was on the nose for Cariacou, so we decided to have an enjoyable sail and learn the boat. The wind started around 10knts and we were doing 5.5 knots and then as we left the coast we were experiencing 20 plus knots into the wind  and the boat was doing 8 plus knots we were hooting and the boat was very stable as Gina made salad rolls during this time for lunch. When it was time to tack we took quiet a while to sort out the procedure and we became stuck in irons (the boat pointing into the wind and going nowhere for the non sailing folk) for a while until we sorted it out and then headed towards St Georges. When we got close to shore we needed to gybe which is and easy manoeuvre as the winds were now light. It all went well and we cruised along the coast. Now we needed to gybe again and that is when we all lost it. My job was to centre the main sail and then bring it across, Gina was to do the head sail, Bruce was giving orders. It was all good except the traveller that I was bringing across got stuck. Bruce was instructing Gina how to do the heady. I’m shouting that I have a problem, Bruce is shouting at Gina and we are in a shambles. Good sense prevailed and we got around and we learnt some important lessons. Then Gina took the helm and we sailed back to Prickly Bay where we had been anchored for the last couple of days. When we arrived two young women paddled past in a kayak waved at us and capsized. We thought they will right it, hop back on and keep going. It was good they had life jackets on as they could not right the kayak and called for our help. Bruce then attempted to position the boat so we could pick them up, but this was difficult with the wind and a big boat. So Aussie Mal dived in and came to their rescue and saved the damsels in distress. When we go them aboard the older women had just finished 2 years of medical school at the Grenada Uni and was taking her younger sister for a paddle before returning to America to complete her studies. After anchoring it was time for happy hour and watch a really nice sunset.


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