Wednesday is hamburger night at CCBM

They did a great job
Lead singer with Jerry

Gina was ready to cook up a chicken dish and I said, but it’s hamburger night at Clark’s Court Bay Marina (bit different than Cray fish the night before). So we put the chicken on hold and decided to do the hamburgers (Bruce and I really wanted the chips). The night started out as usual, we had our hamburgers and noticed that the live band that usually plays had set up, nothing special as per last week. But this week we saw it was a different band and did we have a great time. The band started off a bit slow but they had a good beat and we tapped along with the music.Then a guy named Jerry came up and replaced the guitarist, well he was brilliant, full of personality and could he play the whole place changed and off we went on the ride. Then he moved to the keyboard well the place just rocked with the few people that were left. The women got together and started a little dance group at the back and the lead singer singled Gina out and said she could really move her hips. Then Bob (the marina owner he sounds like Satchmo) and another yachty had a sing along with the girls as backing (Bruce called them the rockets). It turns out that Jerry is the Hon Jerry Seales Senior Magistrate/Coroner and also has a music school. A great night was had by all. Tomorrow we are finally moving and will anchor in Prickly Bay before heading off up the coast to another Grenada Island called Carriacou.

The Rockets happy with their performance
Jerry on keyboard and the rockets plus Bob and Yachty

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