A little bit more

Gina with our Crays
Gina & Bruce @ our favourite watering hole

Gina & Bruce posing Secret Harbour

Other than going by our tender to Secret Harbour for outboard petrol nothing really has happened to report over the last couple of days so this is really to say we are still here and will soon move on. The highlights of today was the purchase of a couple of crays from from a local fast boat. We bought a 2 and a 4 lb crayfish for $60 EC (A$22). We put them in the freezer then boiled them in brine and had the big one for dinner with salad and a lovely bottle of Chardonnay that Joe & Shawn (previous owners) had left on the boat. We then went to the Clarke’s Court Bay Marina bar as it was movie night and watched the last half of a film with Michael Caine and ? Duval which was entertaining. We may move tomorrow or the next day to Prickly bay and anchor off before heading to Caracou. Any mistakes in this blog is not my fault as Bruce and I have been sitting out on the back porch sipping Cointreau watching fish swim by in the the hull lights that shine below the water. To give you some idea of the size of a couple of fish, Bruce said the big fish were at least a metre long, not true they were only 2ft 6″ long.

A small private boat at Secret Harbour

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