A good day and Gina arrives

The electrician arrived this morning with a new duo charger. For the technical people out there, the duo charger senses the voltage between the house batteries and the engine battery to give a the required charge from the engine alternator where required. We needed this regulation because the house batteries (6 six volt) are lead acid and the engine battery is gel, so a different rate of charge is required for each. Now wasn’t that interesting. The good news was that when it was replaced everything that works and runs from the port engine now works how it should. The main benefit appears to be the fridge/freezer which we struggled to get to the required temperatures. Now they seem to be operating as per the instructions.The other good thing is I had a hair cut with Bruce’s clipper No1, wow is it short. The weather today is the best we have had and at the moment (8:30pm) it is 26c and feels 26c with a full moon and light breeze, absolutely beautiful. Bruce has now headed off to the airport to pickup Gina, then we will pop open the bottle of Bollinger champagne that the previous owner left for Bruce to celebrate the boat.

Bruce waiting for Gina
Almost bald

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