Back at Clarke’s Court Bay Marina

Waitng to go
On the way to the water

After some delay caused by an unhappy french couple who would not move their boat from the slip we finally slipped the boat back into the water, refuelled and headed for CCBM.

Waiting for the French to get their act together

 As the winds were light we decided to hoist the main sail as we had not done this yet. Bruce pointed the boat into the wind and I prepared to hoist the sail. We can hoist it using the windlass which is an electric motor that can hoist the anchor or mainsail. But we have a problem (yet to be fixed) that the port engine in not charging the battery and so we decided not to use the windlass and not waste the battery. Silly me would hoist it using the winch. It started off easy enough but with a 20 metre mast the going got harder and harder, by the time I got to the number one reefing position (5 m from top) I was pooped, so we decided to leave it at that (few).

Bruce cleaning deck in a downpour

We are now waiting for Gina (Bruce’s partner) to join us on Friday, then we will do exploring of Grenada and its islands and return to meet Sue on the 29th.


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