Slipping Wyuna

We left Clark’s Court Bay Marina and headed for St David’s Harbour which is about 5 nautical miles away. After negotiating the channel between Hogg Island and Calvigny Island we headed south east in a very confused sea. We put up the head sail and the boat settled for a much gentler ride. On arrival at Grenada Marine the slip was not ready for us as they had to move another cat. We stood off for nearly 2 hours waiting. I got a bit impatient and launched the kayak and paddled ashore. As soon as I got close to the jetty they moved the other boat so I quickly turned around and paddled back to the boat. Then the exciting/nervous bit for Bruce (first time he has done this with such a big boat) was that he had to back the boat in between 2 concrete walls with less than a metre on each side. All went well he did an excellent job, did not touch but we had our moments and the yard’s handlers did a great job of securing and keeping the boat safe. They hoisted the boat, Scraped off the barnacles, gave the bottom a high pressure spray then moved it to a location in the yard and set it up on blocks. The boat is now solid but I am still rocking as if I am on the water which is a bit scary. We should be here until the weekend as they will clean and antifoul the hull and replace the anodes on the props. After a long hot and demanding day relaxing with a nice cold beer.

Prep for antifoul
Grenada Marine Bar

One thought on “Slipping Wyuna”

  1. Hi Mal, Brought dad home and read all blogs to update dad and showed him pics so far. He says he's excited hearing and seeing your continued adventures. Amazed at technology. Jan & Pop


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