Cruisers Trip by bus to Black Bay & Concord Falls

Crowded Bus sooo hot

Well it sounded like a fun day when announced on the Grenada Cruisers facebook page. There were 15 people and the cost was $35 EC for a trip to Black Sand Beach, a look in a bat cave, then lunch (a traditional dish called “Oil-down”), and on to Concord Falls for a swim in a cool pool below the falls.

The main coast road

A small bus turned up (there was to be two), we all crammed in and Bruce and I rushed to the back. There was three of us across and it was ok, but then there was more people, so another person squeezed in to make four (very tight very hot). In the end we were 16 including the driver, I said to Bruce here we go again. We bumped along on the tight winding roads and stopped for drinks. Then we continued and turned off the main road onto a very narrow road. The driver stopped at an intersection and we thought we were going down the road  the way we were pointing. The driver then put it into reverse and we found ourselves going backwards down this hill at a fast rate with a big gutter on my side (being in the back it was frightening). He then stopped outside a small shop which was preparing our lunch.

The stop for lunch
My Oil-Down

We then found out that the beach we were going to was dirty due to the rains overnight, so no black sand beach or bat cave. Up the hill we went on to a better beach, but alas it to had muddy water pouring into the sea and the beach had a lot of rubbish washed up. We walked a little way down the beach and had a swim. Then back to the little shop and careering backwards again. We then partook of the “Oil-down” which was quiet good, it is a combination of breadfruit, coconut milk, turmeric, dumplings, taro leaves and salted meat (we had chicken but could be beef or fish).

A cute little poppet at the falls

After lunch we headed to Concord falls which was a short distance from our lunch spot. The drive and the falls was spectacular. The pool at the bottom of the falls was great fun as the water created a whirlpool that you could not swim against. Bruce and I was first in and found we were hanging on to the side so we did not get swept under the falls which were huge. We then found if we swam across the centre the current sent us around and to safe ground. An American tried to do the same and went around another time as he could not get back to the start. Bruce and I had to rescue him as he started to panic a bit. We became the masters of the whirlpool and others did not dare unless they asked us what to do and to watch out for them. It was so refreshing and fun it made up for the crowded bus and the crummy beach.


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