The day of problems

We decided yesterday was the day to take the boat out for a spin. We started the starboard engine, then tried to start the port engine and found we had no charge in the battery, which was strange as we have started the port engine every day first shot, which we use to cool the fridge and freezer. So after much investigation trying to see if we could get power from the house batteries we rang Joe the previous owner who gave us a complex method of connecting the house batteries. This worked, we then realised that there was no charging taking place on the port engine amp meter. So now we are waiting to make contact with a marine electrician to fix the problem.

So as we had the two engines running and decided to take her out. As the boat has been in the marina for 4 months we thought we should check if  the props were working ok as they are auto feathering type props. We left the boat tied up and tried forward and reverse with not much reaction. That ended our trip out. We then donned flippers, goggles and scraper and spent the rest of the day scraping the props to remove the barnacles until the blades would change angle when the shaft was rotated. We have to get it all going by Tuesday as we are slipping the boat for an antifoul and other underwater maintenance tasks.


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