Well did we have some excitement today. We decided to go into town to register for a cruising permit. As per instruction from another Aussie we scooted across the bay in the dingy to the bus stop. We found the bus stop and before to long a bus arrived. It was like a mini van and quite new and comfortable.  We took off like a missile and careered along narrow winding roads tooting to let others know of our approach.We stopped numerous times thinking that we were full but oh no the more that could fit the better, I counted 21 persons, some school children, but one row had 4 equivalent sumo in it which looked quiet uncomfortable. The buses have a person who collects the money ($2.50 EC) and tells the driver  when to stop ( the driver goes flat chat unless told otherwise). The picture is when most of the passegers have departed. The guy straight ahead is the money colector and passenger spotter.

The nice thing we observed was the conductor held the hand of a little school girl across the road. I think on refection Luna park is for kids after this ride.The ride home was a little better even though the bus was chokers at the start, we had a women driver who did not quite max out in the gears, but I thought the rear tyres could have done with a bit more air. After returning it was time to rename the boat, so after removing the old name and scrubbing and polishing we added the new name (Wyuna) and hoisted the Aussie red ensign.

Its all happening I can tell you. Our new Aussie friend David called us up and said we should meet him across the bay and he will introduce us to Nimrod Rum Bar. So to be polite we did and found that we had to do the crossing of the bridge. What is that we asked? The proprietor Sep had a couple of glasses and added white rum and put each at either end of the bridge (a bit like London Bridge), we had to scull the drink then cool water to take the fire away. We then sighed  his book and made a comment to mark the event. After a couple of beers and some very interesting drunken talk we returned back to the boat after a great hamburger at the place next door.


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