Later in the day.

Around 2:00 pm the rain cleared and we decided on the dingy trip to La Phare Blue marina which is located around the point from Clarks Court Bay. With two of us in the dingy and me up front it goes like a cut cat with Bruce the mad captian on the tiller, we were boucing over the swell with great force. We got there in no time. A beautiful spot with clear water and great bar. We sat and watched the day go by and had a couple of the local beers (our favourite is Stag). We headed off to Wisper Cove which is on the way back. There we found another Shop/Bar that was full of cruising people with 10 of them with either a guitar, banjo, violin or canasters. We found out that it is a Sunday event and they put together some good music. After chatting with a few people and another couple of beers we headed back before it got dark. Darkness comes quickly here and it is dark at 6:00 pm.


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