Miami to Grenada

Some reflections on Miami South Beach, you would not know you were in America as all the people speaking English have a Spanish accent and speak Spanish between themselves. There is not a lot to do, the beach is like Surface Paradise but with coarse sand, fixed structures and hotel beach umbrellas.

We are now in Grenada, wow what a lovely beach that met us when we walked out of our over night stay after flying from Miami the night before.  Bruce was saying things like “oh my god” and this is what it’s all about. The locals are lovely people with beautiful smiles.
We got a taxi and travelled through the peak hour towards Clark Court Bay Marina and the Boat. I think Bruce was a a bit nervous and excited as we approached the marina. It was all there and as big and beautiful as he imagined. We spent the day cleaning the hull as after 4 months of mold and dirt to clean off.and it came up a treat, but there is a lot more to do. The weather is warm around 29c and the humidity is a little high 85% but there is a breeze which balances in out.


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